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Pickling is the term used for preserving a food with acid and salt. Sometimes pickles are produced by letting them ferment in a salt water solution. During this fermentation period, lactic acid is produced. Sauerkraut and some dill and sweet pickles are produced by this method. A more common method of making pickles at home is the quick-pack method where a vinegar/water/salt brine is added to cucumbers or other vegetables or fruits. You can purchase bulletins that contain pickling instructions at WSU Bulletin office, including "Pickling Vegetables" "Fish Pickling for Home Use" and "Pickled Eggs"

Salsas are also a type of pickled food because vinegar, lemon or lime juice is added to the mixture of tomatoes, peppers and onion. TheWSU Bulletin Office has a bulletin with tested salsa recipes available in both English and Spanish - "Salsa Recipes for Canning" and "Recetas para el Envasado de Salsas"


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